What We Do

Reducing new HIV transmissions.
Expanding free HIV testing opportunities.
Providing care for those affected.
Reducing AIDS-related deaths.

OACF provides funding and resources to the most pressing needs of the HIV/AIDS community in Oklahoma.  We conduct on-going needs assessments and vet the organizations providing direct assistance to families and individuals living with or affected by this disease. We monitor HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care programs and initiatives annually to ensure they are efficiently and effectively working to prevent the spread of HIV and/or assisting those living with HIV/AIDS through the HIV care continuum in order to maintain a healthy life and viral suppression. 

OACF was organized And Founded by Barbara and Jackie Cooper following the death of their son to AIDS. Dealing with this devastating disease firsthand compelled them to reach out to others living with HIV/AIDS and those vulnerable to the disease.

As advocates we work to educate our elected officials on the struggles people living with HIV and AIDS face and work toward strengthening their rights. We strive to ensure positive policy changes and legislation while improving health outcomes and access to care.